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Fresh Raspberry, Sage and Ginger Soda: Video

Raspberry sage ginger soda is a great way to introduce your kids to new flavors. When my son first had this drink I wasn’t sure if he’d enjoy it — ginger and sage, after all, have such strong, robust flavors that many time adults don’t even appreciate them. However, my son ended up, literally, guzzling it down! The ginger and sage are added in a very subtle way so as not to overpower any of even the tiniest taste buds. It’s also super fresh with all natural agave sugar, making this recipe a delicious departure from your everyday soda! Pour a cup for you and your little one and toast to new tastes, cheers!

You can find more of Patricia’s recipes on her YouTube channels, Farm to Table Family and Farm to Table Baby Mama, which focus on creating delicious food for babies and children. The recipes are modern takes on traditional favorites inspired by the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients.

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