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Easy Breakfast Pizza: Video

If you want to surprise your kids (or anyone for that matter) with a super fun, creative, and playful breakfast, yet spend very little time having to actually prepare it, then I have just the recipe for you!

I’ve been using store-bought flat pita bread for years to make single serving sized pizzas.  They are the perfect size and texture, and the base will hold the weight of toppings.  I usually have a bag of them in my freezer and use them as part of an emergency meal when I need one in a pinch.  One morning I had the thought to make a breakfast pizza for my kids using eggs, a couple slices of bacon, a small sprinkle of cheese, and a pinch of thinly sliced scallions.  They turned out better than I expected.  In fact, they were pretty darn good.  Good enough that I’ve served guests this meal knowing they will love it.

The pizzas only take a couple of minutes to pull together and bake for less than 10 minutes.  I encourage you to watch our latest episode of Kitchen Explorers above to see just how easy these gourmet breakfast pizzas are to make.  I hope you’ll be inspired to make them for your kids too.




Breakfast pizza

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