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One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes: Video

As long as there are birthdays to be celebrated and class parties at school, cupcakes will always be a crowd favorite single serving dessert. There are thousands of cake and frosting flavor combinations to delight cupcake lovers. But today we are featuring a classic one-bowl chocolate cupcake recipe, which is slightly adapted from the back of a cocoa can.

Chocolate cake in and of itself varies from density, crumb, moistness, chocolate amounts, and sweetness. Some recipes call for coffee to intensify the chocolate flavor whereas others add ingredients such as sour cream or buttermilk to give the cake a slight tang. Personally I have different chocolate cake recipes I bake depending on the occasion. However, I have found that this classic one-bowl chocolate cake I’m sharing with you today is a great all-occasion recipe, especially for kids. The cake is not too sweet, the texture is light with a nice tight crumb. Most people will already have the ingredients in their kitchen without the need to go buy a specialty type of chocolate. Best of all, this recipe does not require any special mixers. All you need is a bowl, spoon, and some muscle power.

I invite you to watch the video above of my daughters and I making these cupcakes. As you watch the video you’ll notice one daughter adding ingredients to a bowl and another one adding it to a zip top bag. With the same convenience of using a commercial cake mix, making my own homemade mix is great to have on hand. When I need it I just pull it out, add water, milk, eggs, and oil – just like the boxed mixes.

chocolate cupcakes

chocolate cupcakes

As for frosting, here are some ideas below from Kitchen Explorers of different ways to decorate your cupcakes. I personally love adding just a couple teaspoons of hazelnut chocolate spread to top each cupcake . I’ve found it makes a wonderful frosting that compliments the cake without overpowering it. Add a pinch of sprinkles and you have the perfect chocolate cupcake that isn’t pretentious, yet every bite is enjoyable as it is memorable.




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