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Pretzel Monster Fingers


“Eeewwww, those look so gross! And… so real!”  That is what my oldest daughter Abigail said when I showed her the edible afternoon Halloween project I did with her younger sister and brother.  Mission accomplished. When Mimi, Eli and I decided to make these Pretzel Monster Fingers we were hoping to get a “gross” and “eeeww” out of Abbi.  Using honey wheat pretzels, green candy melts, raw pumpkin seeds, and a toothpick to add finger wrinkle details these Halloween treats were a cinch to make.

My kids love preparing these chocolate covered pretzels because they can be easily and quickly made. There are also many variations you can make as you go. For example someone could easily substitute slivered or Macedonia almonds for the finger nails. If you don’t have those on hand then try sliced almonds, which also work very well. My favorite, however, are pumpkin seeds. I just think they make a perfect pointy finger nail. In addition to that, they are a good option for a class room or friend with a ‘no nuts’ restriction.

Pretzels and pumpkin seeds can be found at just about any grocery stores; I found mine at Trader Joes. The colored candy melts can be found at major craft supply stores like Michaels. Once you have your ingredients the project itself goes by pretty fast, and is very fun recipe for a ‘spooky’ family project. Happy Halloween!


Have all your ingredients ready


Melt the candy melts according to the package instructions.  Dip the pretzel in the chocolate until nearly completely coated. Lay the pretzel on a lined baking sheet.


Gently add and a press a pumpkin seed to the top of each pretzel.  Using a clean toothpick, etch knuckles on each finger.


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