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Sweet Strawberry & Rhubarb Pie

In my opinion, baking for someone is just about one of the purest expressions of love out there. It requires that you give time, patience and care, all so that your loved ones can enjoy a special treat. And while creme brûlée is elegant, and towering cakes are grand and imposing, there’s something down right home-y and comforting about a pie, like a warm hug from a good friend.

Lots of people are intimidated by pie crust, and while it does take some time to do it right, it’s not hard to master. The key is to keep it cold, cold, cold, so make sure you don’t cheat on the chilling steps. The whole idea is to keep the butter in solid pieces, creating little pockets between the layers of dough as it cooks and making for a light, flaky crust.

The strawberry rhubarb filling hits all the right notes: sweetness from the strawberries, tartness from the rhubarb and an aroma that’s pretty much heaven when it comes out of the oven. Oh, and a sizable scoop of vanilla ice cream on top wouldn’t hurt either. Just sayin’.

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