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Decadent Fudge Brownies


You know what makes me really sad when it comes to brownies? Feeling lured into picking one up based on how beautiful it looks only to bite into a dry crumbly cake-like treat you now feel obligated to finish. It’s worse if you pay for it. I recently had a brownie like this from a bakery and I spent nearly $3. I tried finishing it by washing it down with coffee but in the end I decide this brownie and I needed to part ways. What does a home cook do at a time like this? They get motivated to bake! Today I’m sharing with you a small-batch version of my favorite: Decadent Fudge Brownies with Walnuts.

This recipe makes 6 large brownies or 12 smaller ones. More fudge-like than ‘cakey’, these brownies are moist, dense, and rich with chocolate goodness. I love the thin soft chewy outside layer and the soft fudge center. These brownies do not need any additional frosting, but a nice dusting of confectioner’s sugar adds a nice touch.

The key to these brownies is patience. After baking for 35-40 minutes, these brownies will taste best when allowed to cool on the counter and then refrigerated for a couple hours to properly set up. Then cleanly cut them into perfect pieces like the bakeries. Small-batch baking allows us chocoholics to enjoy a single serving instead of several, which can sometimes happen when I bake a regular batch of anything.

Next time you need a brownie fix, these brownies will definitely hit the spot. And if you’re not allergic to walnuts, please do not omit them. They are so wonderful in this recipe. Enjoy!

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