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Grilled Fish Tacos


People often assume that since I regularly cook at home, my kids must be voracious eaters. I wish! Instead we go through seasons where they are eating anything and everything to eating the same thing nearly daily (PB & J is a very popular standby in our home). However, nothing brings me more motherly satisfaction than when my kids eat outside of their comfort zone and discover new foods they actually enjoy.

Many young children enjoy predictability when it comes to the foods they eat. Introducing new foods using a stair step approach alleviates anxiety for both parent and child. Instead of introducing an entirely new meal and expecting your child to eat every last bite on the plate, try offering a couple side dish options they are familiar with and show them how to eat it in a new way. I found this to be effective when I started making fish tacos.

With fish tacos I only add a small piece of grilled Mahi-Mahi fish to a warm corn tortilla. Because my kids love traditional tacos, they were more familiar with adding certain fix-ins. However, with these fish tacos I decided to go tropical by making my salsa with mangos and cucumbers instead of tomatoes. I added tender slices of ripe avocado instead of guacamole, which complimented the tacos nicely.

These tacos have become a hit in our home and I hope they will in yours too! Enjoy!

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