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Summer Chickpea Salad



If you’ve ever planted a cherry tomato plant then you know that ‘sun-kissed’ bursts of goodness those plants give taste like summer. When they are ripe and picked at their peak they are incredibly flavorful compared to the store varieties. I also think that people appreciate the ‘home grown’ or ‘organic’ feel of a salad when you let them know the tomatoes were grown and picked fresh for the meal, especially when they were still on the vine just before the meal was served.

Today’s salad I’m sharing with you calls for cherry tomatoes, which complement the garbanzo beans, cucumbers, and the light lemon mint vinaigrette. It’s a very easy salad to pull together in minutes except for harvesting and cleaning the cherry tomatoes from your garden. The salad compliments almost any meal.

If you happen to grow cucumbers in your garden this is an even better salad. Like most salads, the fresher the ingredients the more enjoyable.


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