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Thai Vegetable Shrimp Curry Soup


Have you made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier in 2016? Or maybe commit to eating less of certain foods or more of others? With my late October birthday I traditionally indulge in my favorite foods (hello triple cream Cambozola cheese and Banana Rum ice cream) beginning then and through the New Year. Every January 2nd I do try to eat healthier and this year is no different.

For the most part this type of thinking can actually work. Part of my renewed commitment to eat better means eating less dessert (Um, yes… cheese is a dessert to me) and eating more vegetables… a lot more. When mentally figuring out what exactly this meant for me I also knew what it didn’t mean: salads every day.

Recently I invited a friend over for lunch. Knowing she was coming from the gym I took it upon myself to prepare a healthy lunch that felt comforting yet memorable. What I have for you today is a wonderful Thai Vegetable Shrimp Soup.

I used a variety of vegetables of different textures and colors. I purposely cut most of them in thin strips because I had this light bulb moment: “What if I place small handfuls of all these vegetables in a bowl, and then pour hot soup broth over them?” I knew the heat of the soup would partially wilt and soften most of the vegetables, but what I didn’t expect is how wonderful the flavor and texture of the vegetables would be. Retaining their colors, flavor, and most of the texture, the soup was perfect. I topped it off with a small handful of shrimp because I love shrimp and curry together, but they can be easily omitted.



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