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Going Home



Kelly returns to her roots: a tiny farm town of 200 in Missouri. She explores how agriculture has changed and evolved, while comforting her own dark past.


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Episode 6: Going Home

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Learn more about Kelly’s trip to her tiny hometown of Napoleon, MO, a place she hadn’t visited in a very long time. Continue



Written By
Kelly Cox

Fahrmeier Farms

Twente Farms

Wellington-Napolean RIX

Guest Stars
David Twente
Jennifer Twente
Bret Fahrmeier
Laruen Fahrmeier
Murphy Fahrmeier


“Bridge Builder” by The Tumblers

“Empty As My Pockets” by The Tumblers

“Roses Never Die” by Sweet Williams Ghost

“We All Know The Way (Instrumental)” by The Builders And The Butchers

“Seven” by Waylon Thornton

“American Heart” by Waylon Thornton

“Old” by Smokey Hormel

“Where Ya Been?” by Waylon Thornton

In Original Fare, join Kelly Cox as she attempts to hunt, forage, and farm her way across the globe in search of the best ingredients our planet has to offer. For more, visit theoriginalfare.com.

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