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Season 3, Episode 1: The Insides



This week, Kelly explores what it means to be a responsible meat eater. She meets Carlo Lamagna, head chef at Clyde Common in Portland, to learn how to properly slaughter and butcher a hog. Then, Chef Carlo shows Kelly how to use the organs — parts that often get wasted — in some of his favorite family recipes from the Philippines. Those recipes and his personal connection to the meat are inspiration for the innovative dishes (things like crispy fried pig ears and offal) that Carlo is bringing to the trendy set in Portland.


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Created By: Kelly Cox

Guest Star:
Carlo Lamagna
Clyde Common

Featuring: Worden Hill Farm

Written By Kelly Cox

Director of Photography
Lucas Longacre

Consulting Writer
Spencer Harris

Lucas Longacre

“6 Feet Stare” by Mr. & Mrs. Smith

“Feel The Beat” by Miami Slice

“Beach Life” by Miami Slice

“You Are the Fly” by Glass Candy

“You’re So Free” by the Agrarians

“The Last Time” by Glass Candy

“Hurt” by Glass Candy

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