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A Taste of History

A Taste of History® is a TV cooking series that explores America’s culinary beginnings from the birthplace of American cuisine. This innovative series brings America’s history to life and makes it vibrant as we step back in time and get to know the founders of our country through the food they ate and the recipes they prepared.

Chef Walter Staib, an award-winning internationally known chef with over four decades of experience, is a master of open hearth cookery. He demonstrates a true mastery in the preparation of sophisticated 18th century cuisine, sure to inspire home-cooks.

A Taste of History® is taped in significant historic locations; from Jefferson’s Monticello to Philadelphia’s Rittenhousetown and even on the banks of the Delaware River at Washington’s Crossing. In each episode, Chef Staib explores the origin of featured recipes and ingredients to reveal historical context. We learn about Martha Washington’s contributions at Valley Forge, the Washington’s well-known slave-chef Hercules and visit Jefferson’s Monticello to walk through his gardens and cook in his kitchen!

This program is distributed by the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA).

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