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Avec Eric

Eric Ripert

Avec Eric provides an insider's view of the professional life and lifestyle of master chef Eric Ripert. The Michelin three-star chef and co-author of On the Line teaches viewers how to achieve elegant simplicity at home and elevate their food experiences. The 10-part series goes behind-the-scenes at Ripert's famed New York restaurant Le Bernardin, one of the most heralded kitchens in the United States, to showcase the inner workings of a high-end seafood restaurant. Learn what it takes to deliver fresh fish to a restaurant located in a 60-story Manhattan skyscraper, fillet 15 black bass in a minute, pair olive oils with different kinds of fish and create the perfect sauce. Each episode is a journey from the restaurant to the source of Ripert's inspiration. Ripert explores the people, places, cultures and ingredients that influence his signature dishes. He visits Hog Island Sustainable Oyster Farm in Sonoma, Calif., Stone Barns along the Hudson in upstate New York, olive groves in Chianti, Italy, and much more.

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