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Barbecue America

Traveling America’s highways, back roads and bayous, Barbecue America explores the country’s unique contribution to the culinary landscape.

From Bubbalou’s Bodacious BBQ in Orlando to the Hold ’Em & Hit ’Em barbecue contest in Texas to a tour of a day in the life of a sausage, Rick Browne travels far and wide in his 35-foot ‘Barbecue America’ Georgie Boy motorhome, discovering the traditional, the unusual and the outrageous in the smokin’ world of barbecue. Set entirely on location, each episode features a different barbecue event or cook-off, a local BBQ shrine restaurant and a backyard segment sharing regional Que secrets and techniques.

Outfitted in his trademark checkered “tableshirt,” Rick demonstrates that barbecue is fun, easy and not just about hamburgers anymore. In “Yan Really Can Cook,” Chef Martin Yan joins Rick as they celebrate the Chinese New Year and cook up Peking Duck on a Can and a wonderful dessert of Barbecue Potstickers. In “Que the World,” Browne explores the international flavor of barbecue with a pitmaster from the Dominican Republic and creates Argentinean paella with a Cuban chef. Barbecue America even travels outside the back yard and into some of America’s most posh restaurants for sumptuous four-star grilling.

From Cedar-Planked Salmon to Grilled Teriyaki Eggplant to Cuban Mojo Pork in a Paper Bag to the amazing Raspberry-Blueberry-Blackberry-Apple Pie, Barbecue America shows that grilling is for carnivores and vegetarians alike.

Browne brings impeccable “que-dentials” to his colorful series. Author of the best-selling Grilling America cookbook and The Frequent Fryers Cookbook and co-author, along with Jack Bettridge, of the critically acclaimed travelogue/cookbook The Barbecue America Cookbook, he is one of only two dozen real-life Doctors of Barbecue Philosophy, holding a Ph.B bestowed upon him by the prestigious Kansas City Barbeque Society.An award-winning photojournalist for such renowned publications as Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, People, Travel Holiday and Islands, Browne’s keen eye for both the story and the visuals translates into remarkable episodes packed with color, lore and excitement.

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