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Premiered Tuesday, December 25, 2012 | Check your local listings.

Mmm, smell the bacon! How about some red-eye gravy on your grits? Ready for some suggestions of great places to start the day? Breakfast Special 2: Revenge of the Omelets celebrates getting up and going out for a memorable morning meal across the USA.

There’s a delicious diner in Connecticut, homemade biscuits in North Carolina, breakfast burritos and big pancakes in Pittsburgh. We find seaside specialties in New Hampshire, duck breast in Philadelphia, and salmon cakes in Detroit. On the Big Island of Hawaii, we sample loco moco, Portuguese donuts and scrumptious variations on all of the above!

Produced by popular PBS program-maker Rick Sebak (“A Hot Dog Program,” “A Flea Market Documentary” and “A Ride Along The Lincoln Highway” among others), this special is part travelogue, part food show, part tribute to the many men and women who get up early to make and eat our most important meal in unique and wonderful spots across the country. From coast to coast, cooks, servers, coffee drinkers and regulars at the counter all share their love and loyalty for breakfasts big and small.

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About the Original Breakfast Special

Producer and narrator Rick Sebak has no strict recipe for "Breakfast Special," putting together a program that’s part food show, part travelogue, part portrait of America, celebrating the meal that many folks consider the most important of the day. Sebak chats with committed cooks and sly servers, enthusiastic eaters and entrepreneurs, pancake aficionados, “gritty” Southerners and a few funny food bloggers who serve as guides in different parts of the country.

Feasting on buckwheat pancakes in rural New York state, savoring salmon hash in Oregon, tasting the rice porridge called “congee” in San Francisco’s Chinatown, trying grits and gumbo on a Georgia sea island, eating unexpected specialties in unforgettable spots from St. Augustine to Portland — Breakfast Special loves the one-of-a-kind places where diners can find a memorable meal, especially in the morning.

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The Beauty of Breakfast

Rick Sebak

We talk to many people about what draws them to these places. We talk to owners, cooks, servers and regulars, and their comments tell the tale.

The beauty of breakfast is there are so many places where care is taken, where you can live outside a cereal box, where you can start a day with a memorable meal in an interesting spot. And if you're lucky, like us, you'll strike up a conversation and be part of the breakfast scene yourself.

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