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Burnt Legend: The Story of Burnt Ends

Kansas City is known for burnt ends, those charred, crispy bits of beef that are fatty and succulent and rich and… [sorry, we just had to leave the keyboard for the second, things were getting too steamy.] And Kansas Citians know that we're known for burnt ends. It’s the first dish we tell visitors to get. The chopped pieces of brisket also provide one of the city’s finest barbecue debates. Ask 10 people where the best burnt ends in town, and you’re likely to get 10 different answers.

But, do you know the real story of burnt ends? Do you know that they were invented right here in Kansas City? Do you know people used to be able to eat those beauties for free? Do you know how they came to be an iconic Kansas City food?

Burnt Legend, a new digital series from Flatland and Recommended Daily, unpacks the myth of burnt ends over a series of five chapters. Our search led us to talk to pitmasters, historians, food writers, chefs and competitive barbecue teams. We’ll take you right to the edge of fire with pits, behind the scenes at barbecue joints, and talk to people about why we can’t get enough of burned edges. Strap in. Sauce up. This is Burnt Legend.


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Chapter 1 - From Discard to Destiny

Chapter 2 - Demand, The Myth, The Legend


Chapter 3 - Making Ends Meat

Chapter 4 - The Quest for the Best


Chapter 5 - Is This The Ends?

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