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Chefs of Napa Valley

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Napa Valley is America's mecca for food and wine lovers. It is the country's top culinary destination and California's second largest tourist destination. The Chefs of Napa Valley celebrates the preparation of great food – the simple enhancement of the freshest ingredients. The chefs featured in this series are among the best in America, and the focus is on their skill and creativity – the true secrets to extraordinary meals. The Chefs of Napa Valley is an anthology series designed to bring wine country cuisine into the hearts and kitchens of America’s home chefs. Six of the Valley’s most renowned chefs are co-hosting this program – each appearing in three or more episodes. Serious cooking show fans will appreciate the care taken to guide them through the journey of master chef cooking. Take the combination of world-class chefs, outstanding restaurants and the stunning backdrop of California’s Napa Valley and you have a truly elegant and entertaining cooking series.

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