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Christina Cooks

Christina Pirello, renowned whole foods chef, will host the eighth season of the Emmy Award-winning series, Christina Cooks.

From a brand-new kitchen, Christina introduces viewers to a style of healthy cooking that is decidedly Mediterranean and relies on techniques and simple ingredients that can be found at the average supermarket. But this season, Christina takes it a step further -- with exciting recipes, the like of which viewers have never seen!

Never one to follow the pack and be 'just another cooking show,' Christina has taken an innovative approach to Christina Cooks once again. In this series, Christina breaks the ingredients in foods down even further, using everything form science to ancient Asian wisdom to explain the what, where and why of antioxidants, phytochemicals, enxymes, probiotics and other nutrients essential to health. Topics include: eating soy for women's health; how antioxidants can slow the aging process; the importance of folic acid for healthy red blood; and understanding what foods to eat for optimal probiotics (or food digestion).

The eight season of CHRISTINA COOKS will also feature a number of entertaining cooking themes, such as eating to feel happy; "The Freak Show," which shows you how to eat coffee, chocolate and honey, without feeling guilty; and "Aphrodisiacs," a show about the rights foods to bring out romance.

And, like last season, Christina is joined in the kitchen by singer/songwriter Jon Michaels, who plays his inspiring songs while she cooks.

Described as "the woman who put the fun back into healthy cooking," Christina gives whole foods cooking classes, seminars, workshops, catering and lectures nationwide. She became interested in healthy cooking after being diagnosed with terminal leukemia more than 20 years ago. The leukemia disappeared within a year and a half, and whole foods cooking has been her passion ever since.

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