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Daisy Cooks!

Get ready for Daisy Martinez! Viewers are in for a treat when they turn their televisions to the first public television cooking series featuring a Latina who is determined to tell her story in a style that is obviously enthusiastic but equally sincere.

To say Daisy is passionate about food is an extreme understatement. She thrives on sharing her culture - its music, history, and most of all, its food. The thread of her cooking winds through the Latin world, from Spain to South America, across the Caribbean and the countries of Central American and on to Mexico. And she does it all without leaving the United States. In fact, throughout the series, Daisy visits many of the vibrant and varied Latino communities in this country. Using a dish as basic as chicken and rice, Daisy will transport the audience from the arid interior of Mexico - via Los Angeles - to the rain forests of Puerto Rico - via New York City - to the shores of Cuba - via Miami Beach, exploring the endless yet comfortably familiar possibilities these two humble basic ingredients can produce.

Daisy's sunny kitchen is the perfect setting as she delivers dish after dish that surprises and excites, and is also easy and accessible to cook. To paraphrase Daisy, "this series is really about sharing how to cook and enjoy "our 'soul food' - the simple satisfying dishes exploding with flavor that we share year in and year out with our family and friends." And this is Daisy's secret ingredient, one that people of every background, from Irish to Italian, Asian to Jewish, will respond to, because it is their stories, and their memories.

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