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Great Ingredients

"I trust cows more than chemists." - Pete Marczyk

"Great Ingredients," a new web series from Rocky Mountain PBS, explores exceptional food grown close to home. From juicy high-altitude Western Slope peaches to meaty free-range chickens raised in northern Colorado to the surprise bounty from the urban gardens of Denver, discover what makes an ingredient great.

This won't be any ordinary field trip. For one thing, your chaperone will be much more fun.

Pete Marczyk of Marczyk Fine Foods

Colorado grocer and Marczyk Fine Foods owner Peter Marczyk - Denver's most eloquent grocer - has always been passionate about cooking with the best ingredients. He has no formal culinary training, but a childhood filled with homegrown ingredients, including chickens, trained his palate. In fact, he managed to win his wife's heart with a simple salmon dinner. His philosophy hasn't changed since that fateful meal: Keep it simple, make it great.

Each webisode, Pete will take us along as he investigates a new ingredient and explores the world of local organic farming. And each episode will be an adventure.

Join us online for a trip to find the tastiest and most interesting Colorado ingredients that you can use in your own kitchen. As Pete says, "When you start with great ingredients you end up with great results."

Watch all the webisodes of "Great Ingredients" on the Rocky Mountain PBS website.

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