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Julia Child & Jacques Pepin: Cooking In Concert: Julia Child and Jacques Pépin, two of America's greatest chefs, cook, teach, and entertain in concert in their first cooking special together. On the menu: Stuffed Roast Turkey, Ossa Bucco, Salmon in Potato Crust, and an Apple Charlotte. Their differences of opinion--and good-natured teasing--add flavor to the techniques and unique cooking styles of these popular television cooks and best-selling cookbook authors.

Julia Child & Jacques Pepin: More Cooking In Concert: Julia Child and Jacques Pépin come together again to cook, teach, and entertain in concert to an enthusiastic and adoring full-house audience. These two wonderful teachers demonstrate every step along the way, working from scratch to create delicious dishes in an accessible and appealing manner. On the menu: Standing Rib Roast of Beef With Real Old-Fashioned Mashed Potatoes, Filet of Sole With Vinaigrette Sauce, and two beautiful and uniquely different Berry Tarts.

Julia Child & Graham Kerr: Cooking in Concert: Julia Child and Graham Kerr share the stage and stove as they cook and teach, demonstrating how to prepare delicious dishes from the initial stages through presentation. Julia's classic approach and Graham's more health-conscious approach are both illustrated step-by-step, using methods that are unique to each of these two wonderful teachers. Viewers become apprentices in their kitchen, sharing techniques, recipes, and camaraderie with Julia and Graham.

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