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Isn’t it funny how much children love being in the kitchen? Whether they’re ripping through the refrigerator, peering into a pot or sneaking a snack, the kitchen is a great place to explore. And, making discoveries is what Kitchen Explorers is all about. With help from our field guides, Alice Currah and Aviva Goldfarb (two amazing moms and cooks!), you and your child can make magic in the kitchen. Along the way, you’ll discover new foods and ways to make good-for-you foods tasty. You’ll find that your kitchen offers loads of learning opportunities, and you’ll see that creating something from scratch brings joy and self-confidence. We should also mention that a whole lot of fun can be found in your kitchen – even if your little chef isn’t around! Please check out our recipes, tips, ideas and resources. We hope you’ll share yours, too.

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