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In The Life of Loi: Mediterranean Secrets, Maria Loi, executive chef of the critically acclaimed Loi Estiatorio restaurant in Manhattan, shares thousands of years of knowledge baked into Mediterranean cuisine. Maria takes us island hopping across Greece – from Athens to Naxos to Evia – while learning about local ingredients and serving up the secrets to making some of the region's most classic dishes.

From the Athens rooftop of the historic Hotel Grande Bretagne that overlooks the Acropolis, to a boat moored in the Aegean sea just off Naxos island, to a mushroom farm on Evia island, Maria gives us an insider’s tour of her home country from every conceivable vantage point.

We also join Maria back home in her restaurant kitchen, where she puts her own spin on the dishes inspired by her travels.

The Life of Loi is living proof of why the Mediterranean way of eating is considered one of the healthiest in the world, with some cooking and health tips dished up along the way.


  • Life of Loi: Cooking In the Shadow of the AcropolisThe Life Of Loi: Cooking In the Shadow of the Acropolis Maria Loi takes us to the rooftop of the historic Hotel Grande Bretagne in the heart of Athens and overlooking the Acropolis. She’s joined by Michelin star chef Asterios Koustoudis, and they prepare some Mediterranean classics with a twist: Eggplant Salad and Spinach Rice. Back in New York, Maria whips up Eggplant Boats and Spinach and Rice Soup.
  • Life of Loi: Fresh from Farm to Sea The Life of Loi: Fresh from Farm to Sea Maria Loi travels to Greece’s second largest island, Evia, where she cooks Mushroom Orzo with mushrooms cultivated at a local farm. Then it’s off to Naxos island, where Maria’s joined on a boat by the Governor of Naxos to make Naxian Skate Fish Salad. Back in New York, she dishes up Mini Omelette Muffins with Mushrooms and Orzo, and a classic Greek Tuna Salad.
  • Life of Loi: Wood-Fired Feast The Life of Loi: Wood-Fired Feasts Maria Loi travels to the farmlands of Naxos island where she cooks, drinks and dances. She’s joined by a local culinary instructor, and they roast Baby Goat with Naxian Potatoes and Stuffed Vegetables in an outdoor oven. In New York, Maria makes two vegetarian dishes: Lemon Potatoes and her version of the Lazy Chef’s "Stuffed" Vegetables.
  • Life of Loi: Down by the SeaThe Life of Loi: Down by the Sea Premieres June 24 at 3p ET on YouTube
    Maria Loi takes us to the historic Astir Palace Hotel in Athens to cook with chef Bertrand Valegeas. Inspired by the fresh seafood surrounding them, they cook Sea Bream in Parchment Paper and Langoustine with Orzo. Back in New York, Maria shows us how to make Crispy Skin Salmon and Shrimp with Orzo.

Meet Chef Maria Loi

Chef Maria Loi is an internationally renowned entrepreneur, author, television personality and philanthropist working to change the world - one healthy bite at a time. Known as the Julia Child of Greece, she is the founder and face of a lifestyle brand that nurtures a healthy body and soul, melds the inspiration of ancient Greece with a modern approach to the Mediterranean diet, cooks up a heaping dose of happiness, humor and joy and helps people boost their immunity and improve their health, wellness and longevity.

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