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Season 8 premiered in November 2020 | Check your local listings.

Come along for a mouthwatering ride and catch the spirit of pop-up cooking with Moveable Feast with Relish. Australia’s top celebrity chef Curtis Stone, stand-up comedian and chef Alex Thomopoulos, and author and James Beard Award-winning chef Michelle Bernstein team up with some of the most innovative chefs and food artisans as they cook up a feast using the best seasonal ingredients and each region’s little-known food treasures. This season, follow along as Alex samples the best of New England cuisine, including an excursion to Martha’s Vineyard.

Moveable Feast Season 8

Sunset feast at the Beach Plum Inn in Martha’s Vineyard, MA, featuring acclaimed chefs, Jessica B. Harris and Jan Buhrman and hosted by Alex Thomopoulos.

Episode Descriptions:

Episode 1: Seattle, Washington

Explore the Pacific Northwest as Moveable Feast with Relish travels to Seattle to get a memorable taste for the region known as Cascadia. Host Curtis Stone jumps aboard a seaplane with Chef Tom Douglas as they head to Coupeville on Whidbey Island. Chef Tom is the winner of three James Beard Awards, and together with Chef Renee Erickson, they are a driving force behind the food scene in Seattle. First stop: a visit to Penn Cove to see where mussels grow in what’s considered the best environment in the region. Next, we meet up with Georgie Smith of Willowood Farm, which is one of the most painted and photographed farms in the Pacific Northwest. With their ingredients in hand, the chefs then collaborate on the creation of a true regional feast that includes steamed mussels; a spiced mussel and saffron soup; and a grilled whole salmon with Walla Walla onions and fava leaves.

Episode 2: Taos, New Mexico

Experience the rich history of Taos, New Mexico as Moveable Feast with Relish samples this mountainous region’s native ingredients. Host Curtis Stone meets Christopher Lujan, who grows ancient heirloom blue corn, highly prized by indigenous cultures, in the high-elevation mountains of Taos Pueblo. Curtis also pays a visit to Romero Farms, known for growing everything from oats to heirloom varietal chilies. All of these ingredients then come together with the help of Chef Andrew Horton and Chef Chris Maher, owner of Taos’ well-known Cooking Studio Taos, as they serve-up the best of New Mexican cuisine which includes beautiful blue corn cakes; local lamb tacos; and a flavorful green chili stew.

Episode 3: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Settled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Santa Fe, New Mexico is home to a culinary scene of mixed influences and Southwestern flavors and ingredients. In this episode of Moveable Feast with Relish, Host Curtis Stone is joined by Chef Martín Rios, co-owner of Santa Fe’s award-winning Restaurant Martín, and Chef Leslie Chavez, who also has a strong background in catering and pastry in New Mexico. Together, they visit The Rooted Leaf and Celestial Bee, a farm that produces exquisite bee honey and fresh, highly cared-for produce. They also visit a local chile farmer to see how Chimayo chile, a local heritage pepper, is dried and ground. At a colorful hacienda in Santa Fe, Chef Rios makes rosemary-roasted turnips and Chef Chavez makes a sopaipilla with the locally sourced honey.

Episode 4: Carmel, California

Visit the charming seaside town of Carmel, California for this episode of Moveable Feast with Relish. Host Curtis Stone joins Michelin-starred Chefs Justin Cogley and James Syhabout as they forage for seaweed at low tide along the area’s iconic 17-Mile Drive. They then travel to a vineyard in Carmel Valley that specializes in Pinot Noir and learn how its exquisite estate-grown wines benefit from the land’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean. An intimate feast is then prepared at Aubergine at L’Auberge Carmel, where Chef Cogley serves as executive chef. Topping the menu are dishes that feature the locally sourced ingredients: foraged seaweed and vegetables; farm-raised rack of lamb; and Monterey Bay abalone.

Episode 5: San Luis Obispo County, California

In this episode of Moveable Feast with Relish, Chef Curtis Stone heads for San Luis Obispo County, where he jumps into the waters of Morro Bay Oyster Company, known as a hub for oyster farming since the early 1900s. Curtis is joined by internationally-known Chefs David Rosner and Sherry Yard to source local Pacific Gold oysters. Then they head to Rutiz Family Farms, followed by a trip to a local vineyard. Together, the chefs then prepare a grand feast set against the backdrop of the region’s most spectacular volcanic peaks. On the menu are SLO County-sourced ingredients prepared in a variety of ways: raw oysters served with chili and ginger granita; grilled yellowtail tuna and fennel accompanied by roasted oysters; and a dessert of caramelized fennel and fruit strudel a la mode.

Episode 6: Puerto Rico

Chef Michelle Bernstein heads for Puerto Rico, stopping first at Frutos del Guacabo, which provides some of the highest quality fruits and vegetables to chefs in 160 hotels across throughout the island. Michelle also makes a trip to Tommy Forte Seafood Market, known for selling everything from swordfish to shark. Michelle is then joined by Chef Kevin Roth, who combines his love for Puerto Rico with a passion for barbecue, along with Chef Ventura Vivoni, who makes art out of local ingredients. Fresh fruit is used in courses throughout the feast, and a variety of seafood is prepared along the way.

Episode 7: Portsmouth, NH

This week on Moveable Feast with Relish we’re in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to throw a party with James Beard Award nominee Chef David Vargas, known for dishing up some of New England’s best Mexican cuisine, and Chef Will Myska, celebrated for bringing real Texas-style barbecue to the Northeast. Field trips include a stop at Maine Meat Butcher Shop to source local, organic, grass-fed meat, to Big Scott’s Local Grown to source a specialty heritage corn grown exclusively for Chef Vargas, and finally to Vernon Family Farm for pasture-raised chicken and to cook up a harvest feast over an open fire. On the menu: grilled Vernon Family Farm chicken; corn and fire-roasted pumpkin and apple stew; smoked lamb with root vegetable salsa and mezcal gastrique; and an Italian riff on Mexican street corn salad.

Episode 8: Boston, MA: The Food Project

This week on Moveable Feast with Relish, we’re on the road in Boston, where a vibrant and diverse immigrant community is making a delicious mark on the food scene. Among those blazing a trail are multiple James Beard Award-nominee Chef Irene Li and fellow Chef Tamika R. Francis. It’s fall in New England, so the chefs source some of the best the season has to offer, including fresh cranberries and honey! Then it’s off to visit the incredible Food Project, an organization that grows some of the best produce right in the heart of the city, where the chefs also cook a New England feast unlike any you’ve ever seen. On the menu: scallion pancakes with cranberry chutney; braised spiced goat with celery root puree; roasted beet salad with herbs, and cranberry-tequila cocktails with rosemary and lime.

Episode 9: Ogunquit, Maine

This week on Moveable Feast with Relish we’re in Ogunquit, Maine—a true natural wonder. Host Alex Thomopoulos joins two James Beard Award-winning chefs, Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier, whose restaurant, MC Perkins Cove, helped solidify Ogunquit as a culinary destination. The chefs source Maine's famous cold-water lobsters aboard the Finestkind with local lobsterman Goat Hubbard and pay a visit to Woodland Farms Brewery to source and sample some of the best beer in the region. Then it’s back to Mark and Clark’s private home, nestled in the woods, for an intimate lobster feast. On the menu: chilled lobster salad with tarragon vinaigrette; Maine mahogany clams with dark beer and fermented black beans; Thai-style grilled lobsters; and a wild blueberry tart.

Episode 10: Martha’s Vineyard: Menemsha

This week on Moveable Feast with Relish, we get an insider’s look at this culinary gem of an island, and its thriving farming community. Host Alex Thomopoulos joins two of the island’s great chefs: Jan Buhrman, who has also been voted pretty much “the best at cooking everything” by her fellow islanders, and James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award winner Jessica B. Harris. Field trips include a stop at The Grey Barn and Farm to sample some award-winning cheeses, and a tour of MV Mycological, a shiitake mushroom farm that combines ancient Japanese growing techniques with modern sustainable practices. With ingredients in hand, the next stop is the Beach Plum Inn, one of the most picturesque inns on the island, where our chefs prepare a truly memorable feast. On the menu: leg of lamb with lavender and red wine; mushroom consommé with cheesy popovers; winter squash risotto; and a Grey Barn pear tart.

Episode 11: Martha’s Vineyard: North Tabor Farm

This week on Moveable Feast with Relish we’re headed to Martha’s Vineyard to experience a unique slice of life in a fishing village on this quaint New England island. Joining Host Alex Thomopoulos are two of the island’s favorite chefs, James Beard Award winner Chris Fischer, and Michelin-starred Chef Daniel Eddy. Field trips include a stop at Cottage City Oysters to source some incredibly sweet, briny oysters grown in deep, cold ocean waters. Then it’s off to the legendary Larsen’s Fish Market, where we’ll select fish from the freshest catch of the day. Then it’s time to harvest vegetables and cook up a succulent seafood feast at North Tabor Farm in their custom-made wood-fired oven. On the menu: wood-fired fluke with brown butter and oysters; a classic green salad with shallot vinaigrette; and potato and fennel gratin with green tomatoes and cilantro.

Episode 12: Boston, MA: Gibbet Hill

This week’s episode of Moveable Feast with Relish reveals Boston’s undeniable passion for creating truly epic feasts. Host Alex Thomopoulos is joined by two chefs credited with propelling Boston’s Italian food scene to new heights - James Beard Award-winning Chef Karen Akunowicz and the only Black chef-owner in Boston’s fine dining scene, Douglass Williams. Chef Akunowicz, a pasta guru, takes us to One Mighty Mill to source the secret to her award-winning pasta - local, fresh-milled wheat. Then it’s off to the picture-perfect farm Gibbet Hill for fresh vegetables. Finally, it’s time to cook and feast. On the menu: farro pappardelle with rabbit, figs, prosciutto and mushrooms; roasted duck with farm vegetables and golden raisin-poppy seed sauce; focaccia garlic bread; and blueberry-concord grape shortcakes with mascarpone cream.

Episode 13: Boston, MA: Courtyard

This week on Moveable Feast with Relish, Host Alex Thomopoulos meets up with two of Boston’s most innovative chefs, James Beard Award winner Chef Jamie Bissonnette and rising star Chef David Bazirgan. Field trips include a visit to Lookout Farm to harvest a fruit once reserved for the nobility, the Hosui Asian pear. Then it’s off to the pioneering Boston Smoked Fish to source their famous smoked salmon bacon. With ingredients in hand, the chefs head back to Chef Bazirgan’s restaurant, Bambara, to cook up a courtyard brunch. On the menu: smoked haddock with green papaya and apple salad; classic potato roesti with salmon bacon, cider-poached eggs, and harissa hollandaise; and an Asian pear and cranberry clafoutis.

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