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North Carolina Farm Fresh

Over the past several decades, North Carolina has continued to diversify its strong agricultural economy, transitioning from a reliance on its traditional, tobacco-based system to a more varied economic structure in which farmers rely more and more on specialty crops and other non-traditional products--including locally-grown fruits, vegetables, Christmas trees, ornamental plants, flowers, and herbs--while also marketing these products directly to consumers.

North Carolina Farm Fresh: Spring Harvest highlights that transition and the Tar Heel state's prolific direct-to-consumer farm marketing systems, including the role of farmer's markets, community-supported agriculture, and agritourism in determining where goodness truly grows in North Carolina this spring.

For this half-hour special, UNC-TV's Rick Sullivan traveled the length of the state to spotlight five different methods North Carolina farmers are using to market their goods directly to consumers. "I've spent a year covering the state with visits to interesting locations and meeting a lot of pretty impressive folks who are finding new ways to earn their living from the soil," says Sullivan. "Now, more than ever, I'm thoughtfully considering every food product I bring home to my kitchen."

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