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P. Allen Smith's Garden to Table

P. Allen Smith's Garden to Table | Courtesy of P. Allen Smith

In this series, acclaimed lifestyle expert and garden designer P. Allen Smith (host of the long-running P. Allen Smith's Garden Home) offers exciting ways to combine the gardening and dining experience.

Inspired by his latest book, P. Allen Smith's Garden To Table features growing tips, seasonal recipes and decorating ideas designed to help viewers incorporate the garden-to-table concept into their lifestyle.

Whether prepared by Allen or a guest chef, all of the featured recipes contain fresh-from-the-garden produce, with some dishes honoring Allen's Southern heritage, like his great-grandmother's blackberry jam cake.

Another regular segment spotlights Allen's ideas for creating a beautiful, all-occasion table setting, or tablescape, by using freshly picked elements from the garden.

Other series highlights include: a tour of Allen's orchard, an entire episode dedicated to both eggs and salad greens and tricks for turning smallest space into a mini-farm -- complete with a beehive.

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