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Pati's Mexican Table

Pati’s Mexican Table was born out of chef and cookbook author Pati Jinich’s nostalgia for the foods that nurtured her childhood in Mexico, and over ten seasons has picked up three James Beard Awards and four Emmy nominations. Part travelogue and part cooking instruction, in each episode, Pati takes us along as she shares her Mexico with us, then invites us into her kitchen in the U.S. where she teaches Mexican cooking as it is prepared traditionally in Mexican homes as well as how it can evolve in delicious new ways.

Each season explores a different region of Mexico, highlighting its diversity and allowing us to become familiar with the breadth and depth of its regional cuisines. Pati introduces us to the chefs, cooks, artisans, and families behind the recipes and lets us in on fascinating destinations and bits of Mexico’s culture and history along the way. Back home in the U.S., she features the stories of other chefs and cooks and weaves in pieces of her own story as an immigrant happily torn between two countries.

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