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Perfect Day

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The best of Nordic cuisine and culture come to life in Perfect Day, the new food, travel and lifestyle series from the producers of New Scandinavian Cooking.

Perfect Day broadens the scope of Scandinavian cuisine to encompass the delicacies and destinations of the entire Nordic region, including Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark -- and even a brief foray to the Cognac region of France.

A rotating cast of Scandinavia's best-known cooking personalities guide viewers through each adventure. Newcomer and Finland native Sara La Fountain joins the all-star cast, which includes Norwegian food writer Andreas Viestad, Swedish cookbook author Tina Nordström and Danish author/gastronomic entrepreneur Claus Meyer.

These charming and enlightening hosts share the culinary highlights, history and unusual ingredients of Nordic cuisine. In each episode, one host embarks on a culinary adventure to intriguing locations in the Nordic countries and beyond before creating tantalizing recipes outdoors, against majestic backdrops. Sara discovers the fascinating local customs and the delicious local foods of Finland's eastern border. Andreas creates a traditional, yet exotic, Norwegian meal in his hometown of Oslo. Meyer prepares blinis, traditional Danish pancakes, in a lighthouse. Tina creates a delicious chilly sorbet atop a glacier in Northern Norway.

Perfect Day also highlights adventure and exploration. Tina, always one to embrace a challenge, plays beach volleyball for the first time and bikes through the streets of Copenhagen. Claus horseback rides through the Danish countryside, while Sara earns her stripes scuba-diving amid the shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea. Not to be outdone, Andreas boards an old sailing ship to uncover the true story behind the aquavit, the strong, clear, cask-aged liquor popular in Scandinavian countries.

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