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Savor the Southwest

Eight/KAET-Phoenix brings the popular cuisine of the American Southwest to public television audiences with Savor the Southwest, a 13-part cooking series. The series is hosted by Barbara Fenzl, a Phoenix-based Southwest cooking teacher, food writer and cookbook author.

Chefs appearing in Savor the Southwest include Robert McGrath, Chuck Wiley, Lenard Rubin, Donna Nordin, Janos Wilder, Roxsand Suarez Scocos, Vincent Guerithault, Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, Robert Del Grande, Loretta Barrett Oden, Stephan Pyles, Jay McCarthy, and John Sedlar.

America has come to know Southwestern food in the past decade, thanks in large part to these creative chefs who have successfully combined the elements of Spanish, Native American and Mexican cultures in their fashionable restaurants. On Savor the Southwest, Fenzl welcomes each of the celebrity chefs to a beautiful Arizona kitchen where they prepare a variety of taste-tempting dishes that can be easily duplicated in home kitchens. Among them: sugar and chile-cured duck breasts, vegetarian red bean chile, coffee roasted fillet of beef, three sisters stew with corn dumplings, barbecue paella, cactus fries, salsa fresca, chicken and tomatillo tamales, chocolate diablo bread pudding, and chocolate tacos filled with hazelnut mousse. They also share cooking tips and talk about the origins and traditions of Southwestern foods.

Savor the Southwest is part of Eight, Arizona PBS' award-winning Arizona Collection, a continuing series that celebrates the land, history and people of Arizona. Funding was provided by the Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation and the KAET Program Partners.

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