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Weir Cooking in the City

Weir Cooking in the City | Photo by Elizabeth Pepin | Courtesy of KQED

Want to master flaky phyllo dough, prepare jalapeño-jack scones, fold simple soufflés or make rice paper shrimp rolls with fresh ingredients from your local Asian market? Join beloved chef, educator, and award-winning cookbook author Joanne Weir for an unforgettable, tour de force cooking series that celebrates the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the urban landscape.

Shot in Joanne's hometown, San Francisco,the show invites viewers along for a 26-part series that offers more than eighty recipes and follows Joanne as she prepares fresh and exciting dishes based on seasonal ingredients and drawing on the full resources of a culturally diverse city. She makes perfect picnics, explores city neighborhoods, and rides her shiny red scooter to farmers markets and local artisanal stores, uncovering the city's culinary delights. Back in the kitchen, Joanne teaches viewers in an approachable and vivacious style how to turn their own city's unique tastes and flavors into treasured recipes.

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