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Zonya's Health Bites

Zonya's Healthy Bites | Courtesy of Zonya Foco

In Zonya's Health Bites, personal wellness coach Zonya Foco offers realistic lifestyle solutions for managing weight, improving health, creating balance and maximizing energy for the whole family. In each five-segment episode, Zonya tackles everyday problems in the kitchen, grocery store and exercise room. She cracks the code on confusing food labels to find the healthiest and best choices in every aisle of the supermarket in "Zonya's Grocery Picks." In "Power Habit," Zonya delivers key points for helping people adopt one good habit at a time. In "Lickety-Split Cooking," the bestselling cookbook author creates healthier alternatives to high-calorie family favorites. She shows parents how to prevent and combat childhood obesity with "Junior Bites" and covers quick and easy workouts, from simple exercises to yoga, in the "Fitness" segment.

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