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Farmers Markets

Discover the world of farmers markets with shopping tips, seasonal produce guides, and a fun quiz.

Farmers' Market Quiz

What Type of Farmers Market Shopper Are You?

Take this fun farmers’ market quiz to see how your farmers’ market shopping style stacks up before you buy groceries. Continue

Farmers' Market Tips

Five Tips for Farmers Market Shopping

Shop locally and discover how to maneuver the farmers’ market like an expert shopper. Be sure to take our fun quiz to test your skills too! Continue

Welcome Back Spring Produce to Farmers Markets

Get tips on how to take advantage of local farmer’s markets to get the great quality produce. Continue

Find a Farmers Market Near You!

Use this “Farmer’s Markets Resource Page” to discover the numerous farmer’s markets located across America – rural, suburban, and urban areas. Continue

Visit Local Farmers Markets with Jenna

Jenna shares a recent trip to her local farmer’s market and the delicious food she finds in Northern California. Continue