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Food Trends

The food world can change as quickly as the latest fashions. PBS Food takes a periodical look at how the culinary scene looks, and reflects on the latest food trends.

Takorean Tacos

Is the Gourmet Taco the Next Gourmet Burger?

Get ready for the next food item getting a culinary facelift in 2012, as the gourmet taco shows the gourmet burger its true shell. Continue

Old-Fashioned Cocktail

2012 Cocktail Trend: Bitters – Not Just in an Old-Fashioned

Discover why bitters are emerging on the drink scene in 2012 as the Old-Fashioned becomes a popular cocktail. Continue


Peruvian Cuisine: 2012’s Latest Food Trend

Learn why in 2012 Peruvian cuisine is a rising food trend across the U.S. restaurant scene. With bold flavors, many other restaurants are feeling the influence. Continue

Ratatouille ingredients

Are Chefs Favoring Simpler Techniques Over Molecular Gastronomy?

See why chefs say that a move away from fancier techniques in the restaurant world is actually a good thing. Continue

Spring Produce

Is Local Farming Still Popular in 2012? More Than Ever

Find out why the local farming movement is still popular in the restaurant world. Chefs share why they are proponents of this sustainable practice. Continue

Food Trends 2012: The Culinary World’s Latest Crazes

Explore this list of food trends emerging in 2012 and read what chefs have to say about what makes each of these trends exciting in the culinary world. Continue

Are Restaurants More Gluten-Free Friendly in 2012?

As gluten-free diets receive more attention, some chefs are adapting their menus to accommodate the growing group. Continue

11 Food Blogs We Liked in 2011

Discover food blogs you may not be reading in this list of soon-to-be favorites. Continue


11 Recipes We Liked in 2011

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