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Anti-racist learning resources from PBS
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Learning about Institutional Racism

In this moment, many non-Black people are seeking to educate themselves about the experiences of Black Americans. PBS NewsHour has compiled a list of things for you to read, listen to, and watch that may illuminate your understanding of the ongoing fight for racial justice and equality.

Engaging Middle and High School Students

Developed for educators to use with middle and high school students, you too can use PBS LearningMedia resources to help your own family understand the long history of anti-Black racism in the United States, and think about ways to address it in your own community.

Talking to Children about Race and Racism

Children are never too young to learn about diversity. This PBS KIDS post offers tips and resources to help you have a meaningful conversation with young children about race, racism, and being anti-racist.


Anchored by Judy Woodruff, this PBS NewsHour special focuses on the frustration pouring out onto American streets, outrage about police brutality, and America’s deep systemic racial disparities in the economy, education, criminal justice system and health care, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

GREAT PERFORMANCES “Twilight: Los Angeles”
Anna Deavere Smith’s powerful one-woman theater piece gives a riveting account of the violent aftermath of the 1992 Rodney King verdict and the lasting impact of the Los Angeles riots on America’s conscience. Available through 8/8/20.

FRONTLINE “Policing the Police”
How do you change a troubled police department? First aired in June 2016, this report looks at police accountability in cities across the country.

A PBS NewsHour Weekend special that includes interviews with key leaders and participants in the struggle for racial justice, accountability and equity; as well as voices from law enforcement.

INDEPENDENT LENS “Tell Them We Are Rising”

Though much of its history was eclipsed by the explosiveness of the 1960s, the essential role the nation’s historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) played in shaping black life, creating a black middle class and dismantling segregation cannot be overstated. Available through 2/18/21.


Share your American story. PBS AMERICAN PORTRAIT aims to foster dialogue about race and current events with a new prompt, “Now is the time...” Stories may be included in a featured collection of stories from Americans grappling with racism and its impact, past and present.