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Dispatches From a Small Planet: Israel, April 2005

Video Dispatches - Israel

Interview WIth the Filmmaker
A filmmaker's journey into the Israeli punk scene.
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The Bands
"Jericho's Echo" features eight different punk bands.
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Moderator Comment: Should there be mandatory military service in any country? And what role should religion play in society?
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Punk Rock in the Holy Land
Punk historians quibble about the exact origins of punk music, but for more than 30 years it has surfaced across the world, from the United States and Great Britain to the People's Republic of China.

In Israel, a vibrant punk scene has emerged in a society torn apart by the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. In these four candid video interviews, FRONTLINE/World reporter and filmmaker Liz Nord talks to the musicians driving the movement.

Like other young Israelis, the punk rockers have been affected personally by the conflict. They have fought as soldiers and lost friends and fans killed by suicide bombers. Bands from both ends of the political spectrum use their music to comment on Israeli society. Others make music just to have fun. But all of them agree that punk rock represents freedom.

Bombed out bus
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"We had one of our biggest fans in Israel blow up on a bus. When we were watching our video you could see her on the front row cheering and jumping around. That's when it got personal for me."
Woman in the film
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"I am Jewish, because I was born to a Jewish mother. But I don't believe in God."
Punk Rock singers on stage
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"In the middle of the week, there are no 18- to 21-year-olds in the street. They are in the Army. If you don't want to go, you have to act crazy."
Members of a band
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"Maybe we like Israel because it's difficult to be a punk here."


"Jericho's Echo" Learn more about the bands featured in "Jericho's Echo" and the punk scene in Israel at Liz Nord's Web site.

Tel-Aviv International Documentary Film Festival
"Jericho's Echo" debuts at DocAviv, a film festival in Israel, in April 2005.

"Rebels, with Cause"
Read The San Francisco Bay Guardian's review of "Jericho's Echo."

"Mohawks and Mitzvot - Documentary Chronicles Israel's Punk Scene"
In September 2004, The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California covered the making of "Jericho's Echo."

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