The Journey

Two women, wearing brightly printed headscarves, operate a video camera as a third woman looks on, smiling.

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“During the Taliban, no woman could work outside of her home, never mind go on a trip like this. This is a great opportunity for us to overcome their oppression by using our cameras.”

In November and December of 2002, 14 young women, trained as video journalists and camera operators, traveled to rural regions of Afghanistan to interview their countrywomen. In the span of two months, they met and spoke with women eking out an existence in caves, women risking punishment by daring to appear on film and women whose lives and families had been destroyed by years of bombing and oppression.

From the capital city of Kabul to the remote region of Badakhshan, the filmmakers’ groundbreaking journey captured previously untold stories of Afghan women.

Find out more about the places the filmmakers visited,
watch video clips and see a map of their journey through Afghanistan.

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