Still Life With Animated Dogs



Video tape copies of STILL LIFE WITH ANIMATED DOGS are available for purchase from Transit Media, phone 800-343-5540 , FAX: 201-652-1973.

Visit some of the best sites about dogs, animation and the Czech Republic.


The Dogpatch
The award-winning site is a great resource with extensive information on an array of topics including obedience, agility, herding, frisbee, news, shows, activities, forums, books, mail order and other offerings.

Dog Infomat
Comprehensive site includes the Missing Pet Network with lost and found listings, shelter and rescue directories. Facts for adults, children and professionals, links and a searchable news section are among the highlights.

The Poop
Offering articles covering a range of subjects, the site features contests, member stories, recipes for your dog, games, essays, kids' art, discussion boards and a searchable rescue, shelter and adoption database.

The National Dog Rescue Connection
This site is "for all the dogs that are waiting for a permanent home." It includes "Are you Nuts about Mutts?" which offers valuable information on how mutts are healthier than purebreds and usually make better pets. Also contains information on puppy mills, first aid, neutering and more.

What Breed of Dog Are You?
Take a fun multiple choice test to find out your true "doggie personality."

Home-spun site gives dog owners numerous options for "neat things to do with your dog," such as vacations, dog parks, dog camps and performance art (tricks). Also has links for general information, animal assisted therapy and other resources.

Non-profit newspaper includes up-to-date information on health and nutrition, adoption, training and behavior and entertainment features such as doggy horoscopes and games.

Calling itself the "biggest dog-related search engine," Dog-o-mania has databases galore. From breeds and names, to discussions, ads and games, site includes dog poetry, screensavers, software and much more.
Search over 14,000 dog sites at this portal, a "focal point for gathering news and information on all aspects and perspectives pertaining to dogs." email addresses are also available.

Dog Owner's Guide
Guide features breed profiles, training tips, health information, as well as articles about shelters, rescue, dogs and the law.

Walters and Shackles Guide to Dog Breeds
British site provides historical and basic information about canines and features over 100 breed pages with basic facts, watercolor portraits, historical information and descriptions.

The Westminster Kennel Club
The Westminster Kennel Club has sponsored popular dog shows for pedigree breeds since 1877. Site includes show info, past winners, statistics, breed descriptions and more.

More Dog-Related Sites
Comprehensive list of links related to dogs and other pets.

"Figures of Speech" shorts
Experience the latest in animation innovation with this series of digitally animated interviews focusing on the way gesture, facial expression and other body movements combine to communicate personality.

Origins of American Animation, 1900-1921
Watch early animation in this Library of Congress collection on of 21 animated films and 2 fragments that include clay, puppet, and cut-out animation as well as pen drawings. Included in the collection are samples of Krazy Kat and the original Katzenjammer Kids series.

Film Education's Animation Resource
The U.K.'s Film Education promotes the study of cinema in the schools. Although the site is designed for K-12 students and teachers, the projects and lessons are entertaining, informative and valuable for all ages.

Kratky Films
An A-Z catalog of films and still images from the famed Kratky Studio in Prague.

The Animation World Network
AWN covers the international animation community in areas such as animator profiles, independent film distribution, commercial studio activities, animation technologies, as well as current events in all fields of animation.

Czech Animation
Site created in an attempt to connect Czech animators and animation fans. Includes limited information on creators, studios, post production houses, schools and festivals in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic

Internet Resources for Czech Studies
The Slavic Research Center of Hokkaido University hosts this site which serves as a travelogue and political overview with topics including history, culture, religion, society, human rights, minorities and the environment.

Czech Republic Information
The Czech Center's informative site offers information on culture, tourism, history, sports and politics.

Czech Today
English-language newspaper features general and business news, excerpts from the Prague Tribune, Radio Prague, maps, travel info, discussion boards and more.

History of the Czech Republic
This e-encyclopedia features an historical overview of the Czech Republic from the 1500s until today.

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