A young woman with red hair and a black piece of tape over her mouth standing in a crowd and holding a sign reading DONŐT ASK
text reads:
After years of war, the United States military is desperate for new recruits—unless they happen to be openly gay. 

A provocative portrait of bravery despite exclusion, ASK NOT explores the history of the infamous “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and reveals the personal stories of gay Americans willing to risk their lives for a country that criminalizes the act of coming out.
A black-and-white photograph of a man in a military uniform, a color photo of a young woman wearing a sweater, a color photo of a young man wearing a dark T-shirt and standing outside
The Policy
Read excerpts from "don't ask, don't tell;" get statistics and learn more about the history of discrimination in the military; see how the policy has impacted real lives and find the latest news on gays in the military.
Who Would You Enlist?
Here’s your chance to be an Army recruiter. Review the application information for eight new volunteers; decide who makes the cut, and see if the Army would agree.
A rubber stamp next to the stamped word APPROVED in red ink
Twelve young men and women standing with black tape over their mouths and holding a sign that reads RIGHT TO SERVE with the letters written in rainbow colors
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