Film Credits

Directed and Produced by
Johnny Symons

Andrew Gersh

Leah Wolchok

S. Leo Chiang
Peter LoGreco
Andy Schocken

Music Composed by
Norman Arnold

Audio Post-Production
Philip Perkins, C.A.S.

Associate Producer
Eva Moss

Title Design & Motion Graphics
James Kenney
Heath Kessler
Charlie Wayne Denison

Archival Research
Christie Herring
Leah Wolchok

Assistant Editors
Brandi Bell
Keenan Newman
Erin Persley
Brittney Shepherd
Cary Virtue
Bethany Woolman

Post-Production Assistant
Tim O’Hara

Additional Camera
Clark Caldwell
Jake Clennell
Roger Gower
Daniel Kersting
Brian Liu
Rick Miranda
Jim Phelan
Ian Richardson
Mike Seely
Ines Sommer
Goro Toshima

John Cameron
Eva Moss
Johnny Symons
Leah Wolchok

Production Assistance
Lauren Brown
Pearl Emmons
Daniel Ephrem
Danny Gardner
James Gauvain, Jr.
Michael C. Guggino
Andy Harley
Julie Lagarde
Lisa Smith

Color Grader
Gary Coates

Effects Editor
Carlo Flores

Online Editors
Jon Vargo Heather Weaver

Online Edit Facilities
Video Arts
KTOP Studios

Music recorded at Track Record, Hollywood
Strings recorded by Damon Tedesco
Orchestration by Ken Fix
Orchestra contracted by Chris Tedesco
Music mixed by Jason Nesmith

Christine Brown
Douglas Conrad

Grace Rutledge

Legal Advice
Heller Ehrman LLP
Rosenstein Wilson & Dean
Stanford Law School Fair Use Project
Law Offices of Richard J. Lee

Advisory Board
Aaron Belkin
Coit “Chip” Blacker
Nathaniel Frank
Jim Maloney

Archival Sources
ABCNews VideoSource
Call to Duty Tour
Jarrod Chlapowski
The CONUS Archive
William J. Clinton Presidential Library
Duane Cramer
Department of Defense
F.I.L.M. Archives
Alex Koleszar & Scott Hitt
The Los Angeles Times
Anne C. Loveland
Manchester Parents Group UK
National Public Radio
The New York Times
Alex Nicholson
Vince Patton
Judy G. Rolfe
San Francisco GLBT Historical Society
Servicemembers’ Legal Defense Network
Sony Pictures Television
Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

Production Stills
Davina Pardo

Special Thanks
Caitlin Clarke
Arthur Dong
Kate Dyer
Cynthia Enloe
Steve Estes
Bill Jersey
Jan Krawitz
Michael Palm Center
Huong Nguyen
Oxford Academy of Documentary Film
Kim Roberts
William Rogers
Lindsay Sablosky
Kristine Samuelson
Tony Smith
Tobias Barrington Wolff
Annelise Wunderlich

Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

Ask Not is a co-production of Persistent Films LLC and the Independent Television Service (ITVS),
with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).

Ask Not is produced by Persistent Films LLC which is solely responsible for its content

© 2008 Persistent Films LLC, all rights reserved.

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