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Most of the other developed nations are looking at the U.S. as if we’re in some seizure of insanity, because they’ve always looked to the U.S. as being a leader.
New York Times science writer Natalie Angier

After funding cut backs, Fermilab—a premier U.S. government research laboratory focusing on particle physics—is struggling to survive. Physics, politics and international competition collide as scientists race to find one of the most elusive sub-atomic particles ever theorized: the Higgs boson.
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A large shiny gray metal box two black rods coming out of two different sides

The Making Of:

"When the Tevatron broke down, we were allowed access into the four-mile underground tunnel. No one is allowed in the tunnel during operations, of course, because the amount of radiation and electricity down there can be fatal."   More >>

The Filmmakers:

"We don’t attempt to answer questions in our film, but rather to raise them. Is this research worth doing? Should we care about it? Should the U.S. participate in it or let it get done elsewhere?"
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Monica Long Ross, Clayton Brown and Andrew Suprenant stands in front of a bank of computer equipment and a large metal ridged tube

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