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Scott Weinberg is a film critic and author who has written reviews for FEARnet, Cinematical, Nerdist, The Horror Show, Playboy, Mental Floss, and Geek Nation. His book Modern Horror: An A to Z of Horror Movie Reviews is out now on Amazon. You can follow him on Twitter @scottEweinberg.

Documentaries for Movie Geeks: Films About Films

Once you’ve watched a beloved movie two or three times, you start to crave a little more information about the film’s conception, production, and cultural impact, among other things. So you hit the internet to read a few articles or (hey!) check out the DVD audio commentary that you’d totally forgotten about. And then there … READ MORE

Five Seriously Scary Documentaries for Halloween

It’s often said that truth is stranger than fiction, and while that may be accurate in some cases, it’s also true that truth can be a lot scarier than fiction. As creepy as Halloween, The Exorcist, or Psycho may be, the viewer can always take a bit of solace from the fact that, well, it’s all … READ MORE