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Two middle-aged white men with glasses, gray beards, and matching Army-green vests with American flags hold up a large white sack in the middle of a desert crowded with people

In a Mother-Teresa-meets-Indiana-Jones adventure, three middle-aged modern-day knights travel the world delivering life-saving humanitarian aid directly to civilians and doctors at the front lines of war. Their work takes them to some of the most dangerous yet beautiful places on Earth.

Meet Ed Artis, Jim Laws and Walt Ratterman, three self-styled knights who form the core of a unique humanitarian aid organization called Knightsbridge International.

Led by the motto "High Adventure and Service to Humanity," they pay their own way to go into the heart of some of the most dangerous regions of the world, where death from landmines, bullets or bombs is as common as death from hunger, disease or the elements. As Sir Laws tells it, “We do what we can, when we can, because we can.”

BEYOND THE CALL follows these three unlikely heroes to Afghanistan, Albania, Chechnya, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, Rwanda and the Philippines, into the heart of humanity in need when little, if any other, aid is around.

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