The Knights

In BEYOND THE CALL, director Adrian Belic tracks the adventures of three unlikely heroes, the knights of Knightsbridge International, as they deliver medicine, money and other forms of aid directly to those in need in some of the most dangerous parts of the world.

In November, 2006 Sirs Artis, Laws and Ratterman shared their updates on their missions, new members, the power of renewable energy and what’s ahead on their globe-trotting horizons.

A headshot of Sir Edward Artis
The world is really in bad shape today, and if people—not just us, but if people in general—don't start taking some responsibility, at least voicing opposition to what they see as wrong, and then ideally becoming actively involved in solutions, they are going to remain nothing more than part of the problem.

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A headshot of Sir Dr. James Laws
I definitely understand much better the complex nature of all the religions, political persuasions, ethnic diversity and financial poverty of the many communities much better than when we started.

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A headshot of Sir Walt Ratterman
The most rewarding of all is when we are able to combine solar power and renewable energy work with improved living conditions through electricity and better, or sometimes the only, means of health care.

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