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Like Knightsbridge International, Doctors Without Borders is an independent organization that delivers aid directly to people affected by war, disease and natural disasters regardless of political, economic, or religious interests.

According to their 2005 report, the following were among the most underreported humanitarian stories:

The Congo
Millions of Congolese endure extreme deprivation and violence due to fighting between the Congolese Army and the Mai-Mai rebels, which has displaced tens of thousands and devastated the public health system.

Civilians caught between Russian forces and Chechen armed groups suffer daily violence, landmine accidents and disappearances even as officials say the situation is “normalized.”

Port-au-Prince has been the center of devastating violence by armed political and criminal factions leaving thousands injured or dead, including civilian women, children and the elderly.

Violence among religious and ethnic groups in Northeastern India has resulted in massacres and the displacement of tens of thousands overcrowding government camps, where disease is rampant.

Though civil war officially ended in 2005, the health crisis and fighting continues and the broken infrastructure cannot support the masses of people returning to under-equipped areas.

A crowd of mostly women dressed in colorful burkas, plus several men in camouflage jackets, standing and facing a convoy of figures in the distant atop a vehicle with several white sacks

I solemnly swear…to aid those less fortunate than I, to relieve the distress of the world and to fulfill my knightly obligations. 

—The Oath of a Knight of Malta (1560 A.D.)

Beginning in 1995, Knightsbridge International has undertaken humanitarian aid missions throughout the world and also helped children come to the United States for life-saving free medical care. Sir Edward Artis and Dr. Sir James Laws formed Knightsbridge International after their first relief mission together to Rwanda during the genocide. A third member, Walt Ratterman, joined the team with experience in renewable energy.

Along with their mission to embrace adventure and serve humanity, the trio believes in legends of Knights such as the Knights of Malta, Templars and others, and they follow the same tenets of chivalry in their work to help those in need, unfettered by politics and religion. At the core of their purpose is a commitment to deliver aid—whether cash, food, medicine or renewable energy—directly to the clinic, school or hospital that needs it, without involving third parties. To make this possible the knights often travel in dangerous areas at great personal risk, funding missions with their own money, drawn from careers outside of Knightsbridge.

Each knight’s career also brings helpful experience to the cause. Ed Artis contributes financial knowledge from his mortgage banking days and combat experience from his military service in the Dominican Republic and Vietnam. Dr. James Laws, an osteopath and Chief of Cardiology, brings crucial medical experience while Walt Ratterman’s background in the solar energy business helps to bring electricity to remote parts of the world.

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