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Lichen I
San Francisco CA

Power to the Peaceful ! All Honor and Respect !! Word Up !!! Up Word !!!!

Watching/Listening to "Beyond the Call" > this evening was an amazing powerful uplifting experience > These men are true humanatarian beings of light and their selfless dedication soul inspiring life giving story restores my faith in humanity > I am an artist/teacher socio-economic environmental justice activist > I have been going thue extrememely painful troubled ill health for the past 3.5 years [I am 56] > I came very close to almost dying twice > Now I am back slowly recovering > I am now in a New Living/ New Beginning place > After 1/4 Century of living/working/ giving/creating in San Francisco > I am moving to West Oakland to begin a new vision > "10 Green Thumbs SOS" > An organic sustainable gardening project to gift/free to our elders [low income seniors] with a bi-monthly organic produce delivery > I am still not well so I am moving slowly [but I have a new wonderful place to live with a yard] Probably it will take me about a year to initiate the project but Ed Jim and Walt's story will be my "Beacon of Hope > Carrying Me Forward Love Light and Laughter the Blessing Way I usually have issues with Christians who Prosely"terrorize" Indigenous People they are supposedly helping. I admired the explanation of the way and the reasons why even thou they [Ed Jim Walt] are Christians [they follow not the "Dogma of Control"] but what I believe the True Teaching of the Compassionate Jesus the Healer Gospel May The Long Time Sun Shine Upon You All Love Surround You The Pure Light Within You Guide Your Way Home

Concord, CA

Who'd have guessed it would all turn out this way. Ed and I used to hang out together in 1967 - when he was tossing pizzas at Shakey's Pizza Parlor in Walnut Creek, CA. Miss you, big guy!

Mary L. Ballard, MD
Enumclaw, WA

Our non-profit group, "Neighbors for Peace," watched the film last evening and were moved to donate and get involved. I personally found what I liked most about the three knights is that they are "real" people. They are not afraid to get out there and be who they are, they got angry, frustrated, kooky and wild, and expressed a lot of love and caring in the process. I am inspired to not be afraid to be who I am and give of my time and energy.

Springfield, Illinois

We have been lucky to work with Knightsbridge to move medical supplies and equipment to many of those in need. They have been great to work with and we appreciate their dedication to helping make the world a better place.

Michael Carlin
Century City California

I would like to have Sir Edward Artis nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize...if you can help please email me at

Arturo Pacho
La Crescenta, California

The documentary was truly inspiring and worth watching again and again. It has action, drama, politics, war, religion, etc. I was moved by the passion and dedication of three American Knights in Beyond the Call. As a Filipino American, I owe much to them for their humanitarian work in war torn Southern Philippines, and other islands. Their genuine concerns and respect for life were reflected in their sheer efforts to save the life of a baby with almost a grotesque head due to illness. I fully recommend this PBS special to others who missed it, and hope that PBS will reschedule it again.

Cori Stern
Los Angeles, California

Sir Ed is truly a knight in shining armor. He's changed my life by providing not only an example of how to live a noble life - but by teaching me the concrete, hands-on steps to effective assistance. Through his help several years ago, we provided emergency medicine to 1,000 orphans caught behind rebel lines in Northern Cote d'Ivoire in West Africa. Since that time he's consistently supported me in my efforts to do my part in the world. Now I do the same for other aspiring adventurer humanitarians. He is a living legend - and rightly so.

La Mesa CA

It would be wonderful if PBS broadcast Beyond The Call again and again. The documentary was educational and most interesting.This reflects the American Spirt of winning "Hearts and Minds". I believe Ed Artis should be considered as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.To accomplish what he has done with such minimal assets is truly extraordinary.Incidentally the photography was superb.

Mary Palmer
Kennebunk, Maine

I was awed by the work of the three Knights of Malta featured in Beyond the Call. I had never heard of the Knights of Malta, am amazed that men are in this day and age willing to become knights and to take their oath seriously. The Knights oath and prayer are pledges to make a difference in serving humanity.

The documentary revealed the desperate needs of humanity and the terrible consequences of ineffective leadership that exist in our global world - and illustrates that individuals can make a difference.

Bill Morse
Palm Springs, CA

Having been an avid fan of the Belic Brothers since the premiere showing of their brilliant GENGHIS BLUES at the Mill Valley Film Festival (in Video format then, prior to the 35mm release), it's a great pleasure to see this most recent endeavor, exemplifying their continuing enthusiasm for bringing to light unexpectly selfless histories, for which they are so uniquely qualified. The heroic virtues so beautifully apparent in the spirits of this clandestine triumverate are the very ones required of the filmmakers in approaching the unforeseeable possibilities at the outset of their inspiring adventures.

Especially fascinating was the 'twist' of the intriguing near-death experience and the realization of the most welcomed 'well done' affirmation of a life creatively engaged with the survival aspirations of others. We should all be so enthralled with such a destiny! I applaud the diligent tenacity of Adrian's efforts in making their story accessible to the widest possible audience. Would that this one also could have received a much deserved Academy Award nomination. Bravo!

Bill Morse
Palm Springs, CA

The work that these guys are doing is absolutely amazing. I run an organization that helps clear land mines in Cambodia and I know how difficult it is to sustain this type of work. Ed and his cohorts are an inspiration to all of us. This film should be required viewing for everyone. Keep up the good work and keep showing this wonderful documentary.

Brian O'Neill
Wallingford, Ct.

I saw just a bit of "Beyond the Call" the other day. What a piece of work! How interesting and humanitarian are the lives of the men featured in the film. Wow! I'm wondering, is it possible to view the entire film on line. Thanks.

Nohl Martin Fouroohi
Kirkland, Washington

WOW! Belic and his team does it again. Thank you. Inspiring. This is exactly the kind of story we want to feature at The heroes of the film - thank you! WHAT CAN YOU DO WHEN YOU CAN'T SIT STILL? This film shows us...another story of 100% of donations going to the people as seen in a short documentary on Google video "Rebuilding at 73 degrees" on the Pakistan earthquake. Learn the whole story when is launched. We hope to have Belic and others like your viewers & the film's heroes on our forums.

We are already talking in Seattle about how we can have the director, film and protagonist(s) to town at NW Film Forum, perhaps. there are a concerted group of organizations interested to do this. Universities, world affairs councils, and other groups may want to explore this - what better way to inspire! THANK YOU PBS. I love your series Independent Lens!!

Michele McCormack
Scottsville, VA

I saw "Beyond The Call" this weekend and cannot stop thinking about the Knights and their work. Thank you, Mr. Belic, for telling their story in such a profoundly excellent film. Thank you, PBS, for airing the film and thank you to the Knights for inspiring me to do more. As the mother of a 3-year old it will have to be through prayers and writing checks!


Wow! Amazing! I am moved by these men, by their choices, by their commitment to this world we live in. they are, truly, making a difference. Way to go.

Robbie G

Thank you so much for airing this documentary. I am moved beyond words as I learn about these three men as they follow their calling. I have worked for nonprofits for years, and find the bureaucracy limiting at best. These great souls are going straight to the need. I applaud them all, and want them to know of my gratitude for all they do and who they are. I was very evoked to rethink how I might do the same. Please re-show this so more people can see their work and get drawn to participate in some way.

Logan Mackey
Burton, Ohio

I just watched your show on independent lens "beyond the call". I am impressed to see a group of people devoted to helping others without a religious, or profit gaining agenda. As an American I have become completely disillusioned, by phony charities, and religious groups more interested in converting people then helping them. I thank you PBS for bringing this to my attention. Because of your show, I am trying to contact "the Knights". And hope in some way to help them. And ask if you can connect me with them.

Mike Hodges
Martinez, GA

I have known Ed Artis since we served together in Vietnam. The selfless efforts of Ed and his dedicated band of Knights is nothing new. As a combat medic in Vietnam Ed always found time to help the civilians who suffered in that war torn country. I have watched "BEYOND THE CALL" many times and remain fascinated by the work of these brave Knights who never ask for anything for themselves and never demand anything in return for their efforts. My absolute and sincere thanks to Adrian for his work in telling the story of these true hero's of humanity.

Ed Brotemarkle
Los Angeles, CA

Having had the good fortune to have been introduced to Ed Artis by a friend and arranging a luncheon for him and some of his KBI volunteers, I can assure you that what you see with them is exactly what you get. As in the film, they did not solicit anything, but we collected enough to pay for the cost of 1/4 container load. I would urge everyone to go to their website to see what you can do to support them.

Joe Morra
Rockville, MD

This film speaks the nearly forgotten message of personal empowerment. How many times do people say "But what can I do?" The answer is obvious--do whatever you can! If it means writing a check, do it! But if it means challenging ourselves to take bigger steps to address the myriad issues in this troubled world, this film proves we can, and must, do that, too. At the very least, spread the word about BEYOND THE CALL, and inspire others as Adrian Belic and these crazy humanitarian knights have inspired viewers like me! Thanks, also, to PBS for airing this beauty.

Sarah Mitchel
l Monrovia, Ca

I was so impressed by these three men. The images were overwhelming and caused me to stop and think how my own contributions have been lacking and how I could be doing so much more. I was inspired. No politics no hidden agendas, no profit, no religious bullshit, simply real people helping people. It was beautiful!

Joanne Smith

I, too, was deeply moved and impressed by the compassion and commitment of the three men this documentary followed. My hat is off to PSB for selecting this show to be on their network. I can't help but think of the folks behind the lens who are taking all the same risks, witnessing all the same human suffering, and living with all the same sub-standard conditions as the subjects they are filming. I have a deep admiration for those willing to put their own comfort, health and lives on the line so we can sit in the safety of our own homes to view such heroic deeds and lives. How can we continue to sit complacently in our affluent country, tut-tutting about the folks who are suffer in other parts of the world but never go visit the elderly who are suffering in the nursing homes of our own communities? Every one of us can make a difference where we live. Take a meal to a sick neighbor; walk the dog or bring in the mail for a neighbor with a bad back; rake the leaves for a senior citizen on your block; the list is endless because the needs around us are. Let "Beyond the Call" be a turning point in our lives, not just good programming.

Marks Powers
Dallas, TX

Knightsbridge has to be "the most bang for the buck" for anyone making charitable donations. No administrative fees and no salaries; it all goes to help those truly in need around the world. Further, when Knightsbridge buys "discount/soon to expire drugs", every $100 you give turns into $500.

Beach Park, IL

My friends and I started a non-for profit that is designed to help recovering addicts and alcoholics. The three of us have been doing this out of pocket for three years. We just recently filed for our 501C3..Two of us are Viet-Vets. I watched this program spell bound. We aren't alike either, sometimes we fight over silly stuff but we know our goal: always. I believe that humanitarian organizations MUST help, outside the government. If they are religious. leave your religion at home. The knights are incredible. This day and age we need things that reinforce the humanity of our civilization. Western idealism depends on it....Otherwise their is no hope for the civilized world. Bravo!

Prof. Charles Stapleton
Long Beach, CA

Thank you for showing Beyond the Call. Sir Edward and his fellow Knights give a new meaning to the words "humanitarian" and "volunteerism". Sir Edward was a guest speaker in one of my classes at CSULA and for the first time I can remember the students were speechless in awe of what they saw. The work of the Knights serves as an inspiration to all and is an example of what America used to be about, helping others less fortunate. It is too bad the mainstream media does not pay more attention to the efforts of Artis and others doing good.

Martha Gadberry
Long Beach, CA

Unbelievable film! Please air it again so that I can have my children watch it as well. So many people say that they care about the poor. And we so easily shed a tear at the sad images on we see on television. But these men have put their money and their very lives where their mouths are. I liked the line in the film "America is in a bubble." It's time to pop the bubble, folks. Let's get out there and make a difference in the lives of some people. My family is ready to go. How about you?

Jeanne Strigotte-Bowden
Los Angeles

I now have three new heroes to cherish and admire. I respect so much that their price for dinner is not conversion from the culture and religion they were born to, to one that is foreign and most often negative to their spiritual survival. I plan to offer whatever volunteer help I can. Please replay this movie again and again.

Andrea Miller

These men are truly heroic. "Beyond the Call" as a title does not do them the justice they deserve. They have taken such care and love of life (not just theirs) and spread it around the world in ways that no government agency or NGO has ever done. My dreams will go with them, and my hopes for their safe return from each outreach go to their families. Thank you for taking the plight of the world so personally and making such a difference literally one person at a time.

Glen Biggers
Nashville, TN

Your recently viewed program "Beyond the Call" is the most compelling thing I've seen in all my 48yrs.

11/15/2007 Mary L. Ballard, MD Enumclaw, WA Our non-profit group, "Neighbors for Peace," watched the film last evening and were moved to donate and get involved. I personally found what I liked most about the three knights is that they are "real" people. They are not afraid to get out there and be who they are, they got angry, frustrated, kooky and wild, and expressed a lot of love and caring in the process. I am inspired to not be afraid to be who I am and give of my time and energy. 1/26/07

As a return Peace Corps volunteer, it is inspiring to me to see people who ACTUALLY make a difference. None of this "I'll help you only if I can convert you" crap. I've seen more damage done by people with good intentions but poor ideologies than I care to comment on.
These guys give me hope that not all Americans are complacent, that some actually DO something to leave a positive impact on the world.
Very inspiring. PLEASE include this on the reruns / web-broadcasts!

carrie s.
boise, id

fantastic documentary. thank you to pbs and adrian belic for recording the knights and sharing the real changes these men are making in some of the most ignored parts of the world. i believe the knights are incredibly effective because of their simple respect for people. the homework the knights complete before entering new countries about beliefs and cultures is a testament to their passion and purpose. they observe the rules that are important to cultures and peoples, and openly ignore the rules of established systems and agencies. the knights are the anti--bureaucracy. they bring anarchy to a new level. they are inspiring reminders of the force of good, and the importance of honoring the drive that tells us to make positive differences.


Your write up about Beyond the Call states, "In a Mother-Teresa-meets-Indiana-Jones adventure ...," but the film make reference not to Mother Teresa but to the Tsu Chi Foundation which was founded by Dharma Master Cheng Yen (who has been referred to as the Asian Mother Teresa). Because Tsu Chi is directly related to the work of these men, why not cite it? See

Tim Caffrey
Whitehall, Pennsylvania

I have never been so moved in my life! I don't always believe in angels as they are described in religious books. Those books were written by men. I have seen angels in this movie and they still walk the earth like all of us. Now it's time for us to get in line and follow their lead. I hope, when my days are done on this planet, I can say I gave more than I received like these brave men.

Kristena Roder
Bella Vista, Arkansas

What an awesome documentary. I usuall enjoy Independent Lens, but this documentary not only showed us what is going on in the world...places and people we dont really hear much of..and the NEEDS..Oh My

But also that there are truly heroes still in this world.People that live religion without demanding a following. People that could enjoy life doing "stuff" but instead are making a differnece in this world. Thank you all for touching the inner core of my being and causing me to realize that I must do more.

Sita Stulberg

Praise and Gratitude to these truly valorous 'Knights,' and the filmaker who cared enough to follow and document their 'deeds,' as well as PBS, which has once again educated the public regarding something both real and genuinely wonderful. While answering countless needs and prayers, they've also provided an inspiration to the nation, and the world.
After working in third world countries where relief organizations often make a greater profit than the relief provided, I'm thrilled to have emailed everyone I know the sites and information on KBI, and this documentary.
God Bless All of you!

Nila H.
West Richland WA

What are my feelings about religious groups sponsoring humanitarian aid? I think it's wonderful. I have sponsored one or two Compassion Children at a time for about fifteen years and feel the money is well spent.

I just happened onto Independent Lens last night and was glued to it from start to finish.

I thank God for these men who forage into danger for the sake of those in so much need.

It was high adventure by such three unassuming personalities. I identified w/ Ed Artis' feelings about not wanting to be associated w/ religious organizations for these trips. I saw the Gospel being lived out in the actions of Artis, Laws, and Ratterman. There are times when religious words just are not necessary.

Thank you for letting us see what determination and a wonderful combination of gifts and skills has done in behalf of unfortunate but deserving people.

They appeared to be having the time of their lives.

Tootie Hagan
Santa Cruz, CA
I am inspired after seeing the work and the difference The Knights have made. I am now know that it is about service...You know that is what makes me feel great.

It is about every small thing that we do in this world for betterment of all. Thanks....I want to acknowledge the wives of these men who support their efforts andpermitting the space for them to adventure out in sometimes dangerous area.

Brenda Reber
Wyoming, Michigan

I am haunted by the baby with water on the brain. I believe I will be haunted by this image until the day I die. God bless you for your compassion. I really like the fact that you don't try to push your religion on the people that you are trying to help. I was inspired by the Knights; this was a powerful documentary and I hope it brings many others into the possibility of service to others. I plan on contributing to their cause and I thank them for all their efforts.

Mohsen Ahmadian
Austin, Texas

Bravo, very inspiring and thought provoking. I loved the part about the "spreadsheet of good and bad at the end of the road". The seeds you sow in the hearts and minds of the desperate children you help multiply your good deeds. Excellent. Best wishes for all involved.

Melissa Jones
Vernon CT

I am so inspired by these men and their mission. I really liked how one of them stated that you could accumulate a Mercedes or other wealth and then die. Which is exactly what is wrong with our consumerist society who tries to find happiness in things acquired instead of deeds done. True happiness comes from what we give to the world around us not what we take from it. In the end we are not remembered by the wealth we have accumulated but by what we did to make the world a better place. These men clearly understand and practice this principle everyday.

Brenda Du Faur
New Orleans, LA

A friend saw a special on how we throw tons of surplus medicines and supplies away. That needs to be tapped in to the highest degrees. Religious missions of help. Gee. I mean many are such beautiful people but it troubles me deeply on a level because in some ways it is deeply disrespectful. But then again, Pearl S. Buck's parents were missionaries and I read much of her auto and she was such a wonderful person...Again, no black and white but the tapestries of everything... the baby on the mother's dead stomach and so much else was beyond tears- that could have been the film's name too...Please humanitarian man get the root canal. Taking care of yourself is paramount. But, needless to say, these three people and so many more who truly help are indescribably wonderful... Oh, praise to the filmmaker...Author! Author! Deepest Bravo to all... deepest reality please bestowed on world is beyond inexcusable...that could also be the title of the wonderful Independent Lens film...

Vicky Muli
Omaha, NE

Tell you what, as someone who grew up in war torn Uganda in the early 1980's, I appreciate everything the Knights are doing, and wish so many other people would open their eyes beyond themselves and look at the outside world, especially the children, who did not ask to be in the situations in which they are. I wish the Knights were around those days when all I needed was a warm blanket and warm dinner!! Keep up the good work and I hope many more can learn from your example of altruism and selflessness!! To answer the questions, religious groups should be the first ones to offer help since God looks at us all equally and requires us to help those in need. What the Knights are doing should have been done long ago- deliver help directly in the hands of those who need it, as opposed to the help we send, with so called overseers who spend half the project money on hotels and expensive dinners before the projects start!! It cannot be done any better!!

David Sansing
Ethelsville, AL

I watched the "knights" Beyond the Call.......I was touched so deep its unexplainable.....I commend their efforts and the work they so graciously do , without anything expected in return .I see so many times ,the organizations, than say they want to help, but only to help themselves in profits and such. The "knights" are true knights.. If we each, you and I, in our own way, put half as much heart and soul into these efforts as they do....the world would be a greater place....the one small step of one man, and then the next, and then the next......slowly ,but surely, it can be done....If the "knights" would have me...I'm more than ready, willing and able....Are you?

Toledo, Ohio

I was educated, touched, and inspired by the Knights and their efforts. What can I do to help? I have NO money to offer, but maybe there is something else I can do... What a rewarding way of life - I want to feel that way too! But more importantly, I'd love to make an effect on the lives of people who need our help so badly. Many other organizations say they help, but most of the money goes to clerical and government filters. Thwese folks really find a way to dig in. Is there a way folks like me can go there to assist without having to have a huge income or costly resources? Thanks you for sharing the film with us on PBS.

David Miller
Chicago, IL

It was truly an inspiration to watch these gentlemen at work. I was amazed to see guys my dad's age going to places where most wouldn't dare to go. The image that consistently remains in my mind after watching this program are the children in these remote places. You can see their eyes and faces light up when these men are there to help. Watching this program puts life in better perspective and reinforces the idea of helping others (in the very least our own communities) is truly more rewarding than always helping ourselves.

Anchorage, AK
Berkeley, Ca

The film is powerful. As one who tries to do little things to help, this depiction of true heros inspires me beyond words. It is truly amazing to see real people doing real things to change lives in our world. Thanks!

Ilsa Bartlett
Berkeley, Ca

Thank you so very much for this show! just this evening I was telling a friend how i live and how far out of the 'norm'. This show lifted my spirit and fueled my continuing to lend a hand, as I am able. i would certainly like to connect with these men and see how i can offer my skills and energy. Long live independent lens for bringing this story of real 'holiness' to my screen and home. i have studied many religions so that i might have the right tone and the right message as i walk with my friends in this path of life.


The dangerous and difficult work Knightsbridge does is an example of how humanitarian aid can be distributed to those who need it most without the bureaucracy which typically diverts funding to pay for salaries, benefits, office space, fund raisers, advertising, postage, printing costs etc., which are the norm in the U.S. Inspiring is their "bulls by the horn" approach to distributing essential life saving relief. Can you imagine 50 people volunteering with this organization? This winter, my son's grade school teacher requested parents donate medicine and school supplies for her to take to Afghanistan. Concerned about her safety, my son asked her if there was still a war going on. We realized that Americans like her and the three depicted in this film reveal how we can teach compassion, peace and hope by example without judgment and without forcing political, ideological, military, corporate or religious agendas on the aid re

cipients. Thank you for airing this film. 1/22/07
Nancy Mann

The Knights offer help to humans in need, without any favors back, whether it be the victim's capitulation to political direction, religious choice or any other favors. Absent a bureaucracy, these men can give to the most needy, without any recognition of their efforts. There are no labels slapped on the boxes of food, clothing or medicine that say "we did this." In the true spirit of giving, these men make a difference, little by little, but more importantly, offer hope and the realization that there is goodness in mankind.

Leonard R Folz
Kettering Ohio

I have seen what Dr. Laws has done to help humanity. His constant strife to help is beyont th call of duty. I have seen this presentation and love every minute of it don't miss it

Michael Carlin
Century City, Ca

I have traveled with Sir Edward Artis and Sir James Laws to Nicaragua on a relief mission. I personally saw that the items collected went to the people in need. We delivered an electro-cardiogram machine to the hospital in Bluefields and delivered antibiotics and other medical supplies to various villages on the East Coast of Nicaragua during a time when the infra-structure had been decimated by revolution resulting from the politics of the Cold War. The work that is chronicled in this film is of the utmost importance to the world as it provides a true message of the spirit of Americans. Each of us has the power to make a small change to the world and if Ed and Jim�s message takes hold and millions make the commitment to make a small difference then the world will be a much better place. I am looking forward to participating in just such a world. Don�t miss this film.

Howard Folz
Dayton, OH

I have worked with Dr. Laws for more than 20 years. I have had the pleasure of seeing first hand the dedication to humanity served by all three men. Their skills and knowledg e serve them well. I have seen this film at private viewings, and it is excellent. Don't miss this one!

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