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The Film

Black Gold: The Film Site
The official film site includes information on joining a campaign working on relevant issues, a blog with news items and responses to the film from coffee corporations and a forum. Film Is Behind-the-Scenes Look at Fair Trade Coffee
Listen to an interview with Tadesse Meskela from this NPR report on BLACK GOLD.

The Coffee Crisis FRONTLINE/World: Guatemala/Mexico: Coffee Country
Learn more about fair trade and the coffee crisis in Mexico and Central America. Read an interview with a FRONTLINE/World reporter and fair trade skeptic and follow the bean to find out how your coffee dollar is really spent.

International Coffee Organization
Get trade data, a history of coffee as a commodity, information on the coffee crisis and the International Coffee Agreements and more.

Falling Commodity Prices and Industry Reponses: Some Lessons from the International Coffee Crisis
This paper examines the nature, origins and implications of the sharp decline in coffee prices since 1998.

Regional Review: Trouble in Coffee Lands
What’s responsible for the coffee crisis? This article outlines some of the reasons for the price drop, and its effects on developing nations.

St. Petersburg Times: Waking Up to World Coffee Crisis
This 2002 article reveals how an oversupply of cheap coffee beans from Vietnam and Brazil has sent coffee prices plummeting worldwide.

BBC News Online: Why Cheap Beans Don't Make Cheap Coffee
This Q&A answers questions about the forces at work behind the coffee crisis and how the coffee industry is inseparable from the global economy.

The Coffee Crisis and its Impact in Central America: Situation and Lines of Action
Read the proceedings from a 2002 workshop held by the Inter-American Development Bank to examine how the coffee crisis has affected Central American countries.


Fair Trade

Global Exchange: What Is Fair Trade Coffee All About?
This non-profit organization is a long-time champion of fair trade coffee. Find features on the global coffee crisis and fair trade, a bibliography, a FAQ and a list of fair trade cooperatives.

Fair Trade Resource network
The Fair Trade Resource Network aims to raise consumer awareness about improving people's lives through fair trade alternatives.

Cooperative Coffees
Cooperative Coffees is a green coffee importing cooperative, comprised of 21 community based coffee roasters in the U.S. and Canada, committed to building and supporting equitable and sustainable trade relationships for the benefit of farmers and their exporting cooperatives, families and communities.

Fair Trade Certified
TransFair is the fair trade certification agency for the U.S. Learn more about fair trade certification with articles, FAQs, stats and a world fair trade map.

Fair Trade Federation
The Fair Trade Federation is an industry organization composed of wholesalers, retailers and producers of fair trade goods, including international handicrafts, textiles and coffee. Tadesse Meskela
This profile of Tadesse Meskela includes an organization profile of the Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union in Ethiopia and an interview.

Fair Trade Coffee Tour with Tadesse Meskela from Ethiopia
Read about Meskela’s 2003 tour to improve conditions for coffee farmers and promote fair trade coffees.

eCafe: The Ethiopian Cooperatives Coffee Competition and Auction
This Ethiopian coffee competition features coffees from the four Ethiopian Coffee Farmers Co-operative Unions.

Oxfam America: Tadesse Meskela Helps Connect Consumers and Ethiopian Coffee Growers
In 2006, Oxfam sponsored a seven-city tour for Tadesse Meskela to raise awareness about the global coffee trade and its affects on developing countries such as Ethiopia.


The WTO and Free Trade

WTO Primer
Read a Q&A on the WTO, the World Bank, the IMF and activism from Z Magazine Online.

Barriers to Fair Trade: the WTO
Get a background on free trade and the WTO and how it relates to coffee and fair trade.

National Coffee Association: U.S. Normalizes Trade with Vietnam
Read about Vietnam’s entry into the World Trade Organization, which contributed to the coffee crisis.

WTO: A bitter aftertaste
Even with 25 million Starbucks customers a week, the world makes too much coffee and the poor are paying the price.

BBC News Online: What can Africa expect from WTO?
This online forum from 2005 discusses the affects of the WTO on Africa and coffee farmers.



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