It’s that time of the year again: Now that Independent Lens has concluded another season, we need you to vote for the recipient of this year’s Audience Award. Yes you, the audience! Vote for your favorite documentary from 2017-2018’s award-winning slate of films, and this year you can pick from up to three choices. Which film will take the top prize? The deadline to vote is Friday, June 29 at 1 pm¬†Pacific.

Update (6/29):¬†With voting now closed, we’ve tabulated the winners, from what turned out to be a record number of votes for our Audience Award. The prize goes to…


Congrats to filmmaker Jennifer Brea and her team on this honor. And congrats as well to all the films on an exciting, hard-fought contest which showed how many of our fans loved a diverse array of films broadcast this season. Thanks to all of you who voted. We’ll see you again next season.