Happy Pi Day (it’s March 14, rendered 3.14 for those prone to math humor), and we circulated some videos around the office that played on that theme, as well as some that veered off into other directions. In case you wondered what we watch around here besides the documentaries we bring you every week, these are some of them passed around the office today.

1. From the extraordinary sand painter Paradox: Happy Pi Day!

2. From our friends at Sesame Street, a celebration of the geometry of circles, as scored by Phillip Glass:

3. A clip called “I Will be a Hummingbird” from one of our past films, DIRT! The Movie, that always makes us smile:

4. Meryl Streep introducing Hillary Clinton at the Women in the World Summit (which our friends at Women and Girls Lead clued us in on!)

5. Meet Beverly, a short film from Women and Girls Lead being featured during “Girl Power” week on the PBS Online Film Festival.

Watch Women and Girls Lead: Meet Beverly on PBS. See more from PBS Online Film Festival.

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