American Graduate Shorts: Immigrant High

October 15, 2013 by Craig Phillips in

From Immigrant High

Our American Graduate short film festival continues with Immigrant High, a film by Xochitl Dorsey. [Go here for more on the American Graduate films.]

Immigrant teens find face discrimination, language barriers, unfamiliar cultural traditions — while dealing with the changes all teens struggle with. Many give up on school. Immigrant High takes us into the halls of Pan American International High School in Queens, New York, a school that aims to give its Latino students a place to belong and excel.

Watch Immigrant High online for free:

En español: Colegio Inmigrante

Inmigrantes adolescentes enfrentan la discriminación, barreras del idioma, tradiciones culturales desconocidas – todo mientras experimentando los cambios de la adolescencia. Colegio Inmigrante nos presenta los corredores de la Preparatoria Internacional Panamericana en Queens, Nueva York, una escuela que aspira a proveer un lugar en donde pertenecer y sobresalir para sus estudiantes latinos.

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