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American Graduate Shorts: Skipping Up

October 16, 2013 by Craig Phillips in


Last, but certainly not least, in our mini-festival of American Graduate short films, is Skipping Up, directed by Jim Mendiola and Faith Radle.

Set primarily in Mark Twain Middle School in San Antonio, Texas, Skipping Up follows a group of eighth graders as they finish their year in the Middle School Partners Program, a new and highly successful dropout-prevention project that helps students who were previously behind catch up quickly. Students in the program have seen their chances of dropping out fall from 90% to 10% while their tests scores in many cases exceed that of their peers, and it has generated national interest as a model for schools with significant Latino populations.

You can watch Skipping Up online for free, here:

En espanol: ¡Avancemos! (Skipping Up)

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